Dubai is a nice traveller magnet. The design, the weather, the looking, the promise of a wonderful life-style, of these contribute to the image of city being a good place to go to and pay time in.


There is unit a number of things, however, that have the potential to urge you into bother, even on a relatively short visit. We’ll consider seven of the foremost doubtless behaviors or things wherever there’s space for misunderstandings to arise, a number of that area unit plain.


Don’t carry drugs in publically

Leave your favorite recreational medicine reception. Obtaining caught with illicit substances carries a regular four-year sentence. If you are thought to be dealing, it will mean life in jail.

There is a  unit further rules associated with being too reedy or being too vulgar—heck, even performing arts publically will get you in bother. And there is an honest likelihood that medicine and alcohol might cause you to interrupt these rules similarly.

Although it seems like there is a unit lots of rules to follow in city, don’t be shocked. This can be a really cosmopolitan town with a spirited culture.

There are many ways to lose with booze.

Drinking is not strictly prohibited within the UAE. There is a unit some licensed restaurants, clubs, and bars that have drink service, and a pick variety of outlets area unit especially permissible to sell alcohol. If you would like to imbibe associated area unit attending to be staying in city for an extended amount, you will need to urge a special drinking license.

You really should not do that anyplace, however in city, do not even place confidence in drinking and driving. Not a drop. If you are caught with even the slightest blood alcohol content whereas you are behind the wheel, you may virtually positively end up behind bars. Emiratis have a policy for drunk driving.

Being drunk and disorderly publically isn’t allowed either. If you get caught intrinsically, the best-case state of affairs for you may doubtless be a hefty fine.

Don’t Sell, Consume drugs

This is one among the foremost necessary facet to muse, as every type of medication area unit prohibited in UAE; even slightly amount might cause imprisonment. Involvement found in sell, purchase, transiting or consumption of medication may lead to four years imprisonment. moreover, it ought to be unbroken in mind that not every type of prescription drugs and medicines will be carried or purchased in city, and a number of other things that we’d  consume for a trivial cure may well be in actual illicit in city. So, check your bags to confirm you have got lined things to not liquidate city.

Don’t Dress Inaptly


As mentioned on top of, city is associate Muslim region and it upholds strict regulation concerning dress patterns, that area unit comparatively conservative than western countries. As an example national girls like covering their heads and wear completely non-revealing dresses or Hijab. Therefore, once traveling publically places like malls, restaurants, streets, etc. attempt to dress up with all respect whereas specifically avoiding super fitted, clear and revealing dresses.


Dubai extremely discourages status and consequently topless swimming is totally prohibited over beaches, but acceptable swim suit is allowed however solely at beaches and swimming pools. Likewise, men can even don’t bring out their bodies, though they’re cardiopulmonary exercise or wandering around.

Watch your language and gestures.


In different words, no cussing and sit on your hands if you’re angry. The “bad words” of English became fine famous, due to the films, television, and therefore the web. They’re quite recognizable even to those that have a really poor command of English. If rumored to authorities, you’ll be in bother.

On the roads, a gesture of frustration or anger at a thoughtless or dangerous piece of driving can even land you in bother. 2 cases I even have personal data of concerned long hours at a city police office, before being resolved with, in one case, mutual apologies over “the misunderstanding.”

Touching publically is prohibited

Shaking hands with a member of the alternative sex might not be okay. Wait till somebody presents you with their hand instead of looking for the laborious manner that they are not cool with it.

Holding hands is mostly accepted publically, foreplay is very frowned upon, and public foreplay is correct out.

Number 1; Don’t do Drugs. Dubai has zero tolerance towards possession, use and selling of drugs. Even prescription drugs may be considered contraband. 2. Don’t Drink in Public. Go easy on that all-you-can-drink champagne brunch, nightclub or bar binge. 3. No Nudity. Women must refrain from going topless at the beach. And even men should cover-up, when walking through the streets. 4. No Song and Dance. Don’t play loud music or dance in the streets. Resist the urge until you’re on an official dance floor. 5. No Kissing in Public. A British couple was jailed for having sex on a beach, but even kissing can get you in trouble. 6. Watch your Tongue. Avoid cussing and blasphemous remarks against Islam. Many foreigners have been jailed for making an off-the-cuff comment. 7. Keep Style Sensible. Dubai is a stylish cosmopolitan city but there has been a recent crackdown on women wearing tight, short, skimpy, or suggestive clothing. 8. Watch your Photography. It is considered rude and intrusive to snap shots of people, especially women, without expressed permission. 9. Watch Your Wallet. Dubai has a low crime rate and one tends to get complacent but petty crime does happen here, as everywhere. 10. Keep Your Gay Views on the Quiet. Any sexual relations outside of a traditional marriage is considered a crime in Dubai. 11. Don’t Eat in Public During Ramadan. Do not eat, drink or smoke in public while Muslims are fasting. Even chewing gum is disrespectful. And number 12. Don’t Use Your Left Hand! The left hand is traditionally used for “body hygiene” in Muslim cultures, so don’t greet anyone with a left handed shake, open doors and above all, don’t hand somebody food, with your left hand.


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