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Yas water world is a decent and wonderful place for family. Every one of the rides are so extremely energizing and wonderful, the zumba move in the water is extremely agreeable. You appreciate the place, Lovely place for water lovers, water sports, we wish and expectation that you can visit by and appreciate the good times.

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Enjoy the rides

Tourists will enjoy the most exciting rides at Yas Water World Dubai. It’s fantastic to go on a water ride when the weather outside is scorching. The following are the most challenging and exciting rides at Yas Water World Dubai:

Dawwama ride

Dawwama appears to be the most prominent feature of the entire stop. The main channel that customers will be zooming around in is 20 metres wide, and the ride will consist of one extraordinary specialty that can accommodate six passengers. It’s also the world’s first and largest hydromagnetic-fueled six-person tornado slide, and, as if that wasn’t enough for a daredevil, it’s also the proud owner of yet another waterpark record.

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Falcon’s Falaj ride

Another fascination that will get punters salivating is this high adrenaline six-man pontoon ride. Unmistakably, they get a kick out of the chance to get things done on a fantastic scale at Yas and this ride is no exemption. Given that it comprises of such a significant number of turns, turns, rapids and drops it’s most likely safe to state they’ll accomplish that specific objective.

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Bubble’s Barrel ride

Bubble’s Barrel is a surfable sheet wave for the want to be surfers out there. If you want to improve your flow boarding or body boarding skills, this is the trip for you. However, expect to be poured in the water a few times along the way.

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Bandit Bomber ride

Bandit Bomber is the Middle East’s most popular suspended roller coaster, if not the Middle East’s most popular water roller coaster.



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