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There are couple of things you have to know before you go to Dubai. On the off chance that it’s your first time in Dubai, you’re probably going to have effectively heard a couple of traveler awfulness stories… maybe you’ve even been persuaded that Dubai is fantastically strict and in the event that you venture out of line you’ll be tossed behind bars. Not the situation!

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“It’s a wonderful destination, we will come back next year for sure!”

While Dubai isn’t so strict as the photo you may have painted in your mind, there are some unordinary laws you should know about before you go. Regardless of the possibility that you’re not prone to be detained, there is a shot violating a law will run you into genuine inconvenience. In any event, it is aware to submit to the laws of the place you are going to.

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There are no money directions and outside cash of any division is promptly traded in the UAE. The dirham (articulated dir-ham) is the official money of the UAE. The prefix is composed as AED or Dh.

The dirham is file connected to the dollar and the official swapping scale is Dh3.671 = US$ 1.00.

Outside banks have branches in the UAE and ATMs are promptly accessible in every single urban focus.

Individual security

The UAE is one of the most secure places on the planet to visit. Truth be told, it has been assigned the world’s most secure occasion goal by the universal travel industry on two events. In any case, it is a smart thought to take out travel protection and to play it safe to defend yourself and your resources.



Ask authorization before capturing individuals all in all. Abstain from shooting Muslim ladies and don’t photo airplane terminals, docks, broadcast communications hardware, government structures, military and modern establishments.


Regard for nearby culture and traditions is profoundly alluring: swimming outfits, bathing suits, shorts and uncovering tops ought to be kept to shoreline resorts. Men ought not be exposed chested far from the shoreline and ladies are prompted not to wear short skirts and to keep their shoulders secured. Note that in Sharjah ladies are disallowed from wearing bathing suits on open shorelines.




Convenience in Dubai is very costly so it is encouraged to design ahead of time. The room rates drop significantly amid top summer yet it may not be the best time to appreciate an excursion in Dubai. The city has a few decent and average 2-star facilities choices. In the event that 5-star inns are out of your financial plan, you may remain in 2-star properties and utilize rest of your cash on sustenance, shopping and stimulation. Bigger families can consider a common convenience.

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