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Planning a trip to Dubai and wondering what is on the platter for you? Well, worry not! With a combination of Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food, the Dubai cuisine will only leave you craving for more.Whether a foodie or not, you just can’t ignore the luscious flavors that Dubai food has in store for you. Take a look at all the gastronomical delights that will make your stomach growl with hunger.

Meat Lover’s Paradise

1. Manousheh

2. Chelo Kebab

3. Al Machboos


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“World best food in dubai”

  • Stuffed Camel. Stuffed Camel is one of the very amazing dishes of UAE.
  • Al Harees. Al Harees is a famous dish of UAE with highly exotic taste.
  • Shawarma. Shawarma is the most eaten food across this country.
  • Al Machboos. It is also a very famous traditional dish of UAE.
  • Hummus.