Top Desert Escapes You’ll Love

In Dubai Al aveer desert area and in Sharjah Lahbab desert area is very famous.

The desert truly is on Dubai’s doorstep. Simply drive few minutes out of Dubai and you’ll see your first meandering camel heading for a lavish desert gardens. So when you have to escape the city and far from the gridlocked activity and transcending high rises, fantastic Dubai desert escapes are anything but difficult to do.  Furthermore, nothing analyzes to a desert escape – the drive along sand cleared streets, the main locating of a camel, and the movement of camel detecting that takes after. The sun is more grounded, the skies are clearer, and the quietness is heavenly.

Activities to do in the desert

There are twelve exercises to get your hands sandy with in the desert – including ridge bashing, sand boarding, henna painting, shisha smoking, getting very close with a good looking Middle Eastern bird of prey, and devouring a grill buffet in your comfortable Bedouin camp.


Dessert tour with desert safari deals escapes you from the city

Desert safari deals will take you far from the city’s hustle and bustle. The well known Desert Safari in Dubai packs together fun, enterprise, culture, sustenance and excitement all in a couple of hours, an energizing movement to involvement with friends. It is the most agreeable uneven ride you’ll ever be on. The rides end at a conventional Arabic-style camp amidst the desert where you can encounter camel rides, gut dancing. As the sunsets, and the crisp desert breeze hits you, the vehicles drive you once again into the city, and abandon you with recollections to last you, quite a while.


Desert safari deals

Desert safari deal provides the best tours for those people that love to enjoy the desert with no noise. The people enjoy the more who love to explore the desert with silence.  Desert safari deals will escape you from the city and will take you the desert. You will enjoy the desert with a natural Arabian style with camel ride dune bashing and more such exciting activities.  So book your tour with desert safari deals before it’s too late.



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