Dubai is the name of an emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of the most glamorous and cosmopolitan places on the planet; you will find world-class resorts and high-end shopping here as well as sand dunes and elaborate mosques. Dubai is home to some of the tallest buildings and largest projects in the world such as the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Islands. Dubai is an incredibly modern emirate, but it proudly showcases its ancient history through museums and historic sites spread throughout the emirate.

People want biometric system

Voyagers additionally need to feel more responsible for the entire procedure. They have rushed to receive the computerized arrangements that carriers and air terminals have presented, from advanced tickets on cell phones to robotized fringe control doors to biometric personality confirmation.

Visit Dubai

Even though you’ll see plenty of female tourists wearing skimpy shorts and tank tops in shopping malls and other public places, you should not assume that it’s acceptable to do so. While as hosts they’re often too polite to say anything, most Emiratis find this disrespectful. Despite the UAE’s relative liberalism, you are in a country that holds its traditions dear and it’s prudent not to parade a different set of values.

When to book your Dubai airfare

Tickets to Dubai are popular throughout the year thanks to its warm weather and world-class shopping. However, you’ll find tickets are especially in demand during the high season months of November to April when the weather is at its best. During the winter, there are also plenty of events that draw in tourists. Shoulder season is from May to June and September to October.

What should you pack for a flight to Dubai?

Dubai has two types of weather – hot and very hot, so pack light clothing that lets your skin breathe, such as cottons and linens. It’s important to remember that in many parts of Dubai, conservative clothing isn’t just the norm, it’s required. Unless you’re at the pool or the beach, always wear long pants instead of shorts, and choose a top that doesn’t show much skin.


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