Following are the most stunning desert safari tours that tourists can experience.

  • Overnight Desert Safari
  • Evening Desert Safari Activities
  • Falconry Experience
  • Magic Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari

This is the typical Dubai desert safari experience. The most stunning desert safari in Dubai are also believed to be the nighttime safaris. Taking off towards the heights in the night after sun has dropped significantly in the skies and the temps have gone out to be softer is remarkable compared to the other methods in encountering the deserts. It merely enhances the beauty of night, with gold skies perfectly complementing the red and orange dunes.

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Evening Desert Safari Activities

A typical Dubai desert safari begins at your house, when your designated driver/guide will cheer you up in a 4×4 in the night. You leave the city & drive into the desert. Once you arrive at the camp, your guide will show you around and explain the surroundings as well as the amenities available.

Falconry Experience 

Falconry is a common feature of early safari activities. In the United Arab Emirates, falconry is a centuries-old tradition that is still practised today. It’s fascinating to see these winged creatures in person, as we only see them once in a while. The skill of camel riding comes after falconry.

Traveling through the deserts in one of the state’s most experienced conventions, the ships of the waters, as they are well named, is among the most experienced norms. Camel rides are also a lot more fun and is one of the must-do activities at a desert safari lodge.

Magic Overnight Desert Safari and Refreshment 

A chance to spend your evening in the desert, beneath a broad, star-strewn sky, is not something you would expect to come across day after day. Enjoy an extra night in the deserts as well as a memorable desert safari experience with this package.

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