Overnight Desert Safari

This is the quintessential desert safari encounters in Dubai. Night Desert Safaris are likewise thought to be the best desert safaris in Dubai. Extraordinary compared to other approaches to encounter the desert is to take off to the rises toward the evening after the sun has come bring down in the sky and the temperatures have turned out to be milder. It makes the dusk simply more pleasant, the golden sky coordinating consummately with the red and orange sands.

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Evening Desert Safaris Activities

A normal desert safari in Dubai starts at home where your assigned driver/guide will come to lift you up in a 4×4 toward the evening. You drive onto the desert, abandoning the city. When you touch base at the desert camp, your guide will enable you to get to know the environment and the enhancements present at the camp.

Falconry Experience 

Run of the mill early safari exercises incorporate falconry. Falconry in the United Arab Emirates is an age’s old convention still rehearsed today. It is intriguing to watch these winged animals in real life, a sight we once in a while observe. Following the falconry is the camel riding knowledge. The boats of the oceans, as they are relevantly called, offer one of the most seasoned conventions of the district, riding them over the desert. Camel rides are likewise to a great degree fun and one of the must-dos in a desert safari camp.

Magic Overnight Desert Safari and refreshment 

An opportunity to go through your night within the deserts, under a wide, star scattered sky isn’t something you would inspire an opportunity to encounter every day. With this bundle, appreciate an overnight stay in the desert alongside a definitive desert safari encounter.

Enjoy belly dance

We have the best desert safari in Dubai. This is one experience you can’t miss when in Dubai. A standout amongst the most enamoring artistic expressions in the Arab world, Dubai Belly Dance is an extraordinary affair for individuals sharing in desert safaris. Wearing these beautiful bands and glittering decorations, young women with great moving abilities perform to Arabic tunes – making this a best performer in Dubai desert exercises.

Our determination be well-found with every one of the offices that would make your stay in the desert agreeable and in the meantime energizing. Appreciate boundless coffee and tea.

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