Dubai mall

If you come to Dubai and found a place for shopping and walkout in public, then it is the right place to visit Dubai mall. Book your tour with, us we will bring you to the shopping mall. Following are the activities you can do at shopping mall.

The world’s largest and most decorative shopping zone must be the Dubai Mall, in Dubai and it’s settled at the bottom of the tallest building of the world, the Burj Khalifa. The Dubai shopping area is home to quite simply the one,200 shops, one among the largest attractions to the mall is that the Dubai aquarium.

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 Aquarium at Dubai Mall

The famous aquarium at Dubai mall that has been designed with a large ten million liters of water, is one among the favored indoor attractions in big Dubai mall. It’s situated on the bottom level of The Dubai Mall and homes a spread of marine life, together with many sharks and rays, together with the most important variety of sand sharks within the world. Guests will see many various styles of fish, amphibians, reptiles and even birds. There are many exciting activities within the Dubai Mall. You’ll explore the vegetation and wildlife this attraction within the shopping Mall additionally meet the otters, penguins, turtles and a colossal water crocodilian named King Croc.

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The fountain at Dubai Mall

It is not strictly situated within the mall; the Dubai Fountain is that the world’s largest created fountain system. The beautiful diversion fountain is often viewed from decks within the Dubai Mall and is additionally visible from several of the restaurants with out of doors seating within the mall. You’ll conjointly set sail on a conventional abra and acquire a lot of spectacular expertise of the admired fountain.

The SEGA REPUBLIC in Dubai Mall

Some other Dubai Mall children’s activities that were a part of the mall was the SEGA Republic, an inside funfair that hosted a spread of most thrilling activities and rides for teenagers. The SEGA Republic Dubai Mall branch was recently closed right down to move for the opposite attractions.

Dubai ice at Dubai Mall

If it’s hot outside, you and your children will settle down with a glide around the Olympic-sized Dubai ice at rests the Dubai Mall. There are public sessions, and you’ll even take lessons. for kids, there is a strength of penguins or snowmen to carry onto form it easier to remain upright.

Reach the Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall is definitely accessible via bus or the Dubai track. The closest station is that the Burj Khalifa Station wherever feeder buses direct to the Dubai Mall are often out there. You’ll conjointly access the port Mall by automobile on Sheik Zayed Road, and park in one among the 14000 automobile parks.

Food corners at the mall

You will also find food corners at mall. Satisfy your hunger with traditional Arabian dishes. Pick your favorite Arabian dish and enjoy the meal.