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Skydiving Adventure in Dubai:

Enjoy a breathtaking free-fall through the sky of Dubai, either over the Arabian Desert or the famed Palm Jumeirah. Even though Dubai has been a notable sight since its inception, high overhead takes things to new heights. Because Dubai has excellent year-round sunlight, the skydiving adventure in Dubai is an excellent way to take advantage of the fantastic weather and immaculate views.

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No Need To Worry

Visitors wouldn’t have to be concerned if you don’t comprehend anything. When boarding the plane, the instructors and highly professional crew will walk you through the complete process, including a display.

Outside Skydiving:

Outdoor skydiving is, in essence, what professionals refer to as “real” paragliding. With all security in place, visitors can climb to amazing heights and jump. Experienced jumpers can go alone while newbies to the game undergo tandem skydiving.

Indoor Skydiving:

Indoor skydiving is the reenactment of genuine free-fall conditions in a vertical breeze burrow. As the name recommends, this sort of skydiving doesn’t include any common components.

Skydiving Locations in Dubai:

All skydiving tasks in Dubai are overseen by Skydive Dubai. Skydive Dubai runs the greatest open-air skydiving school on the planet in the deserts outside Dubai. Their hops occur in two extraordinary areas in Dubai – the Desert Campus drop zone and the more premium Palm Drop Zone.

1) Desert Campus Drop Zone
2) Palm Drop Zone


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