Overnight Desert Safari is among the best Safari Visits in Dubai! It is an expansion of the well-known Night Desert Safari; you can go through your night in open desert camp and remain under the cover of stars. Nothing can look at the gust of sleeping underneath the desert sky.

Experience camel ride

What might a desert safari be without experience on camelback? Most desert safaris offer an admiring camel ride, where you deeply ride a camel for around 15 minutes or somewhere in the nearby area. This is frequently done inside the desert camp itself. Not to be mistaken for a camel ride, a camel safari will bring you out of the camp and out into the huge desert that lies past.

Sandboarding in the overnight desert

Many desert camps offer this to their guests as an admiring movement to attempt. Sandboarding is adventurous, first, you need to advance up a sandhill. This conclusively sounds simpler than it really is; each movement you make will bring both of you steps back.

Henna Painting and belly Dances

If you like to do Henna paintings than overnight desert safari is one amongst the enjoyable time where you can do this. Henna tattoos are transitory and frequently keep going for an estimated period of about fourteen days. Do take care to not to smirch the henna and let it dry completely previously enabling the got bits to piece dry or you’ll be screwed over thanks to any smearing for about fourteen days! You will be entertained by belly dancing in the night safari while your henna painting activities. You can also enjoy belly dance when you are taking BBQ delicious dinner.


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