The water ponds in the Hatta Hajjar Mountains are stunning. It is a fantastic location to check out and make the most out of your day. You find it difficult to resist jumping in the water a few times because of how beautiful it is. The area is so rich with natural beauty that you may capture some breathtaking photos of this area. The Hatta Tour is very exciting and memorable.

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Enjoy Hatta Tour

Due to Hatta’s more pleasant climate than Dubai, residents of Dubai frequently travel there during the hottest months. The most noticeable aspect of this trip is a tour to a renovated heritage site. The Hatta Village is now a well-known destination for tourists from all over the world, and we’ll also take you to an old town and a dam to learn more about UAE culture and tradition.

Don’t forget to make memorable photography

There is a certain possibility to see the Bedouin tents and brushing camels in the desert while on the Hatta Mountain safari in Dubai.

The Dam visit in Hatta Tour

Then, in accordance with your schedule for your trip to Hatta Mountain, you’ll head straight towards Hatta Dam. Here water is collected from the earth’s springs. The Dam area is a peaceful stopover that is removed from bustling Dubai City. The Dam basin is filled with crystal-clear water and is surrounded by hills. Hatta Dam is a gem in the Dubai neighbourhood.

Hill Park visit in Hatta mountain safari

Then, you can take a stroll around the mountain, heading straight for Hatta Hill Park. During your vacation to the Hatta Mountains, you can spend some time here gaining a boost from the gentle breeze and gorgeous surroundings.

  • For booking # +971 509912456


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