Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the very first Ferrari marked amusement park on the planet. The event audience in the capital city of Joined Bedouin Emirates has 37 record-breaking rides and attractions for all age groups. The variety of rides at Ferrari World makes it amusement park for every member of the family.

Ferrari Coaster

Enjoy the ride Formula Rossa

On the off chance that you love speed, Formula Rossa is your thing! World’s quickest exciting ride does not require unexpected drops from disgraceful statures, or those stomach-stirring whirls to frighten you to the point that you begin shouting. Be that as it may, don’t take this one for a simple ride. This ride is tied in with lightning speed. This would be the speediest experience you ever had in your whole life.

Fiorina GT Challenge at Ferrari world is waiting for you:

Fiorina GT Challenge is a ride that will challenge your reflexes and patience to a considerable level. The ride is about the two F430 insect formed vehicles moving along parallel tracks. The rush rises when, at a few points during the ride, these twin thrill rides run into each other making the riders feel that they are going to slam into one another. At these points all your senses will force you to think that there would be massive collision and that particular feeling will make this ride most unique. The ride would crave encountering a pursuit scene from the Quick and fuming arrangement.

Enjoy the speed of Magic

Exactly when you feel glad for figuring the way that every one of the rides in Ferrari World is about speed and simply speed, Speed of Enchantment comes as amazement. At first, the ride resembles some other exciting ride and in actuality a “level-kids” one. In any case, in seconds it ends up being unique in relation to what you thought. You for all intents and purposes pursue an enlivened character, flying in rapid through various colorful areas. The impacts of highs and lows of the flight are noteworthy and energizing. If you are a speed lover and want to enjoy the trill and adventure of rides to its extreme position then look no further but Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. It doesn’t matter which age group do you belong there would be a lot of things of your interest and focus. It is extreme thrilling, adventurous and soothing at the same time. Sky touching rides and their thunderous speed will surely make you feel out of this world.

Take the fear of Flying Aces

Is it not simply adoring that can flip around your reality, Flying Pros can likewise do that for you. This ride is propelled by the incredible ‘experts of pros’ pilot, Tally Baracca. I can surely say that this ride will definitely make your world go upside down.  The 63-meter-long ride has a staggering 51-degree slant. Envision what an adrenaline surge you would involvement as you move at a speed of 120km/h on the world’s most astounding thrill ride circle. The slope and the speed will surely give you a breathtaking experience that will have a everlasting effect on your mind.

Enjoy the ride Tyre Twist

Tire Bend is a cup and saucer ride with a Ferrari turn. The seating is in the F1 motivated mammoth tires that turn, impact, pivot and slide into the kindred riders. The fun is the point at which you attempt to foresee the bearing of the development so that modify your psyche and body likewise however you fizzle. The unexpected and unusual twists inspire the tickling in your stomach.

You can also enjoy shopping

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi has flaunts the world’s biggest Ferrari retail space that shows an immense accumulation of marked items including toy vehicles, Italian style attire and frill. This allows you to have some gifts for your speed lovers from the Ferrari world and you also have a chance to buy something that will always remind you your visit of this fantastic world of speed and amusement. All products and toys being sold here are of the finest quality. Feel free to do some shopping along with your adventurous journey in this place.

An Overview:

Ferrari world is on the whole a complete package of entertainment refreshment and relaxation for the people belonging to all kinds of age. You can find some very finely made world class rides. Some very sharp curved and upside down crazy and fastest rides too. You can clearly see the face of the speed of the Ferrari in all the rides given in this world. If you are fond of speedy and dangerous rides and swings then indeed Ferrari world Abu Dhabi should be your first choice to visit in U.A.E.


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