Dubai’s underwater zoo is one further reason to explore this amazing world of high-end companies and exquisite architecture. The Dubai Underwater Zoo includes three main zones that provide endless aquatic exploration through engaging interactions, making it possibly the greatest place to go with kids.

What to Know Before You Travel:

  • One should visit this location if you love animals.
  • Most people using wheelchairs and carriages visit the zoo.
  • Give yourself at least 2 hours to explore every location and creature in detail.
  • To prevent waiting in line and frustration, reserve your trip with us straight now.

Shark dives are fun

A encounter with sand tiger sharks at the underground zoo can be had by participating in the shark jump experience, which involves plunging into the depths of a 10-million-liter pool.

Get to know the Crocodile King

Unquestionably, meeting the largest and most powerful reptile on the earth, weighing an incredible 750 kg, is an amazing experience. You may experience a variety of emotions as you observe the magnificent animal in its restricted natural environment, including surprise, anxiety, and thrill.

Scuba diving is fun

With a professional swimming program, this is the perfect location to turn your fantasy of falling into a reality. The flexible scuba diving training for amateurs is run by experienced divers. It is a fantastic opportunity to live out your ambition of becoming a professional diver.

Have fun swimming

Easily put on your diving gear and also get ready for a crazy dive into the amazing underwater world of the big tank at the underwater zoo, complete with a variety of brilliant creatures, numerous sharks, and lasers. You can leave the safety of your confinement and gaze in awe at the magnificent undersea environment.


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