The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater wildlife park is one amongst the foremost fascinating and wanted attractions within the Dubai Mall. If you wish to explore the world’s most mysterious marine life, here is all the vital information on the port Dubai fish aquarium & Underwater marine life that you simply should understand. Ideally set for residents in Downtown Dubai, this is often a good spot for families to pay the weekend within the town.

Enjoy with family and friends

A favorite with each youngster and adults, the Dubai fish aquarium & Underwater life permits you to desire up with thousands of aquatic animals. Here are a number of the simplest aquatic activities in Fish aquarium, one amongst the foremost common places to go to for those living in Downtown Dubai.


You can enjoy with fearful creation

Most people are fearful of sharks. we tend to all have big up thinking of this aquatic predator together of the foremost terrific animals on planet earth.
The underwater world of a fish aquarium, however, has compete for a significant role in breaking this fear. Currently, you’ll expertise a different shark feeding encounter within the Dubai fish aquarium & Underwater wildlife that brings you nearer to those fascinating predators for the primary time.


If you think that shark diving could be a very little risky, here is another safe possibility you’ll explore. The fish aquarium & Underwater wildlife conjointly offers a cage snorkeling journey wherever you’ll pleasure encounters with thousands of aquatic animals right away. For this safe thrill, you simply have to be compelled to wear snorkeling gear, get into a cage associate degreed dive into an aquarium with completely different species of aquatic animals together with sharks and rays.

Meet the King Crocodile

Get ready to find one amongst the world’s largest reptiles, King Croc that weighs an enormous 750kgs. you’ll expertise the fun, journey and concern all at an equivalent time as you watch this splendid creature. The price ticket for the King Croc.

Enjoy the Gorillas place (Night creature)

You can enjoy everything from associate degree exclusive ocean skill, catch glimpses of gorillas in African nation and witness meetings between sharks and whales within the stunning Island of Maldives, from right here in Dubai. The immersive skill is one amongst the new attractions in Dubai aquarium & Underwater wildlife that you simply should visit.


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