Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek
This salty Creek is UAE’s one among the most important port and divides the town into 2 components and connects the export port to the desert. This port could be a good mixture of traditions and modernized living and matches up with the design of the town well. It is conjointly called river Zara, this creek could be an extremely picturesque spot and attracts lots towards its ancient charm that makes it totally different from the surrounding high-rise structures. It offers the town a brand new identity and boosts the marine trade moreover.

Dubai Creek Abra

About  this creek

Dubai’s creek conjointly called Khor port is one among the foremost necessary ways in which to travel from one place to the other and includes a well-structured transport property. One may go round the town, get pleasure from dinner cruises or float around in Dhows, Souks and Abras that no alternative place has got to provide. The Creek bridge has been a flourishing plan to cut down the traffic and to extend the quality everywhere.

Enjoy a fancy life

If you’re one who wishes everything fancy, a dinner cruise along with your pet ones goes to satisfy and make you feel happy. You get a range of malls and roaming centres to pay your cash on and get your favourite things. The old-style markets and heritage buildings with many spices, gold, electronics, fragrance and animal skin varieties are one thing you would not wish to miss. If you’re a party lover inside as a result of famous for its nightlife, you’ll be able to get many clubs to travel to and have an excellent time as you persevere a club-hopping throw.

Places to Visit

Once you go to this salty creek, you will never miss a visit to the RAS AL KHOR SANCTUARY. Which is located a few metres away from the busy city Dubai, it’s a land reserve famous for its flamingos. Here you will find the number of different types of birds.

This CREEK PARK is that the second largest and one among the oldest parks in the creek, situated in Khor port, this place is ideal for teenagers moreover as adults. The park is often reached by ship and is a perfect picnic spot wherever individuals carry their picnic baskets and grills to possess a decent time with their family. you’ll be able to rent bikes or jump on into the train to travel around the park. it’s totally different from several alternative parks in terms of its fashionable fittings and technological access. The lush-green biology gardens and therefore the flowers mix creek waters and therefore the greenery absolutely.


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