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Don’t Make These Mistakes in Dubai Desert

The UAE is one of the most secure, fascinating and charming spots to go through the tourist’s activities. The weather is normally delightful and cool and warm and its winter is clearly the most typical time to visit desert safari.

The Dubai is not complete with visiting the desert safari tour. Visit desert safari activities is the best experience that offered to the first-time travelers of Dubai. As you enjoy a number of tourist activities in the desert safari similarly, here are some rules that you have to follow when visit to Dubai desert safari. We desert safari deal planners provide you complete guide for the desert tour. For your assistance and guide here sharing a few hints of Don’ts for desert Safari visit.

Don’t for desert safari tour

  • Don’t eat too much before the tour
  • Do not feel shame of asking some more activities
  • Take photos of other people without permission
  • Don’t insult Islam religion
  • Don’t use your left hand
  • Don’t take alcoholic drink in public
  • Be conscious about swear
  • Don’t dress up inappropriately

Desert excursions require caution. Follow tour instructions and stay within designated areas.

Preserve the desert’s beauty; don’t litter or harm its fragile ecosystem.

Don’t forget to follow rules

Don’t choose wrong Administrator

Don’t choose wrong time



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