Desert Falcon Show

If you are planning to visit Dubai then winter 2018 is very nice season to visit Dubai, from November to March 2019 Dubai weather will be very good. Maximum temperature of Dubai in this season is 30 degree. this is a moderate temperature to be very suitable for visit to Dubai.We will give you best desert safari Dubai deals in winter season 2018 to 2019. here are some activities desert safari deals offers you in you winter tour.

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Quad Bike Safari

Quad bicycles in Dubai are a toast to each traveler’s thirst which alone can fill your tour with adventures. Quad biking is a four-wheeled fun experience, as a rule in an open air setting. The excitement of riding an enormous bicycle on stunning landscapes without any confinements is excellent. Quad biking in Dubai ups the experience remainder with a wild ride in the extraordinary desert, neglecting the superb Dubai horizon.

Quad Bikes


Sand boarding

It’s one of the well-known parts of the desert safari. You get the chance to ski from the most striking ridges on a ski board, everybody can do it as though you fall the delicate sand is there to get you .An exciting knowledge and one that each one must to complete an a desert safari.

Falconry Experience

One of the Middle Eastern conventions is to have a bird of prey in your life. You can attempt this and hold a bird of prey on your arms. Which will be distinctive experience for you.

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Camel safari deals

Another Popular action in the desert is the camel trek. Appreciate the nightfall while you are on the most amazing ridge going towards the camp where you have beverages and supper sitting tight for you. This is a more close to home approach to encounter the desert condition.

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Evening desert safari

If you have no time to visit desert in the morning than you must come in at evening. An absolute requirement for everybody who is visiting UAE. A memory to impart to your family and companions back home, this is one safari you cannot do back home. We recommend it deeply and it will be worth each penny spend.

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Henna Painting

A henna tattoo is an old practice in India and the Middle East, Henna and Henna painting has been utilized for a long time. The leaves of the henna plant are dried and powdered to be blended into a glue which is utilized to color the skin, hair, nails and even. The pattern has as of late spread the extent that the fingertips and toes of Hollywood famous people planning to work a little Eastern persona into their look. You should attempt it.


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