Deira recent open-air marketplace

Deira a very famous and most visiting place in old Dubai. Most of the souk’s openings are currently dedicated to moderately everyday things like low-cost toys, textiles and covering.

The spice souk

The most fascinating a part of the recent open-air marketplace is that the Spice open-air marketplace, about to Deira recent open-air marketplace Abra Station. This is often one among the prettiest corners of Deira, a couple of slim passages with outlets fronted by exciting sacks and trays of scented turnout, though sadly, it’s conjointly shrinking thanks to competition from native supermarkets that is wherever latest Dubaians currently opt for their spices.


Deira Gold Souk

Dubai is one among the most cost-effective places within the world to shop for gold, attracting a vibrant array of shoppers from West Africa, Russia, Asian nation et al. Jewelry is oversubscribed by weight.

Deira fragrance open-air marketplace

Returning to the Gold open-air marketplace entrance, head east for a block on Sikkat Al Khail Street and so flip left up Al Soor Street. Dozens of ancient fragrance outlets line these 2 streets, a neighborhood normally referred to like the fragrance open-air marketplace. Outlets stock a mixture of western brands and a lot of decorative native scents. Several places also can confusion a customized fragrance for you for the asking from the rows of glass scent bottles lined up behind the counters.


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